Wednesday July 15th NDOA Against Coal

Community members to highlight Tasmania's reliance on coal-fired power

and call for a shift to 100% renewables.

Tasmanian community members concerned about the state's reliance on

imported dirty brown coal will attend the offices of Hydro Tasmania in

Hobart on Friday 17th July to express their concern over the use of fossil fuels

and to call for a rapid transition to 100% renewable energy.

Protesters will point towards the large screen in the foyer of Hydro

Tasmania's head office that displays the amount of electricity

currently entering the state through Basslink

"Despite the widely held belief that Tasmania's energy already comes

from renewables, the state actually imports vast amounts of dirty

brown coal power each year. We urge people to come down and see for

themselves just how much we rely on coal power," said Susan Austin

from Climate Action Hobart.

"It doesn't have to be this way. Tasmania has a unique opportunity to

lead the way in Australia and consistently export clean green energy

north to Victoria across Basslink, instead of the current situation of

importing much of our power from dirty brown coal each year," Ms

Austin said.

The science has already made it clear that we need to move away from

carbon intensive power generation. A report issued this week by Beyond

Zero Emissions the 'Zero Carbon Australia Stationary Energy Plan'

shows that it is achievable and affordable for Australia to reach 100%

renewable energy in ten years.

"We are very excited about the opportunities outlined in this detailed

blueprint, and we call on the state government to give the plan its

full support," Ms Austin said.

Around the country on July 17, Climate Action groups will be holding

co-ordinated community events calling on governments to ban the

establishment of new coal power plants, shut down Hazelwood power

station in Victoria - the dirtiest in the country, and begin a push

towards a 100% renewable-energy society.

Climate Action Hobart is calling on the Tasmanian government and Hydro

Tasmania to stop importing power from the dirtiest coal power plants

in the country, to increase the renewable energy generating capacity

of our state and to move rapidly towards a Zero Carbon power supply.

In addition the Government needs to act to reduce our energy use,

increase efficiency and end the subsidies to the heaviest energy


"For a safe future, we need strong action on Climate Change, and we

need it now," concluded Ms Austin.