10 Steps for a Safe Climate

The 10 Steps to a Safe Climate

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Tasmania's Contribution To Preventing Dangerous Climate Change

Ten Steps to a Safe Climate presents ten actions that government can immediately implement to drive Tasmania’s transition to a sustainable low-carbon future.

This initiative has been supported by climate and sustainability groups from communities around the state. It has been developed with input from community members, industry experts, Tasmanian business owners, and members of the Tasmanian scientific community.

We believe adoption and implementation of these policy points will increase opportunities for all Tasmania to lead happier and healthier lives and avoid the risks associated with climate change on Tasmanian families.

There is strong and growing evidence to suggest that the adoption of these actions will contribute positively to the future health and well-being of all Tasmanians and that investment from government in renewable energies and greens jobs will ensure everyone can play a role in lowering our impact on the climate.

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