10 Questions on Climate Change Action

Climate Action Hobart has developed 10 focus areas to Improve Australia’s Contribution to Carbon Emission Reduction. These were framed as 10 questions to our politicians for the 2019 election and are presented below.

CAH organised expert panel addressing "Climate, where to now" Sept 18

Ten Focus Areas

with links to the questions.


Australian rates in the top three counties in the world for emission of greenhouse gases per capita. Our rate is at least double those of most European countries with similar industrialisation. There is broad scientific agreement that the anthropogenic increase in greenhouse gases emission is producing global warming and consequent extreme weather events, climate destabilisation, sea-level rise, food production and biodiversity impacts. As impacts deepen and broaden, time is running out. Because we are such a high emitter we must take greater responsibility for emission reduction and we cannot expect other counties with greater populations to make the effort if we don’t.