26th Feb - Hobart hosts dancing with stars!


Friday 26th Feb 2010


Tasmania’s political parties judged on their climate policies and their dance step.

Climate Action Hobart hosted a Dancing with the ‘climate’ stars competition today for Tasmania’s key political parties.

The competition judged key political figures on their party’s climate policy and their dance step as they competed in a swing ‘dance off’ at Salamanca Square.

“We believe that climate action in Tasmania is just like swing dancing. Our politicians need to take one step at a time to secure a safe climate,” said Gemma Tillack spokesperson for Climate Action Hobart.

In January Climate Action Hobart released a number of climate policy benchmarks for Tasmania called Ten steps for a safe climate. Climate Action Hobart have compared political parties existing climate policies to these benchmarks and ranked their policies accordingly.

“We have asked all Tasmania’s political parties to adopt and implement our Ten steps for a safe climate policy benchmarks because all parties’ climate policies need to be improved, “ said Ms Tillack.

Climate Action Hobart will be holding public forums, community actions and letterboxing their ‘safe climate scorecard’ to educate the Tasmanian public on how to vote for the climate in the upcoming state election.

“We are calling on all political parties to improve their safe climate star ranking by announcing new and improved climate policies in the upcoming state election campaign,“ said Ms Tillack.

“The future of Tasmanian families, our environment and our economic prosperity rely on taking immediate action to limit the impacts of climate change. Tasmania can be a leader on climate action, all we need is for our leaders to take the first steps,” concluded Ms Tillack.