Media Release Thursday 3rd May 2012 Connect the Dots

Media Release 3rd May 2012

Climate groups call on the Tasmanian Government to quit stalling on climate action and ‘Connect the Dots’

On Saturday 5 May, local community groups will come together to call on the Tasmanian Government to ‘connect the dots’ and take action to mitigate climate change.

Climate Action Hobart with Environment Tasmania and The Australian Youth Climate Coalition (AYCC), will hold an action at Roches Beach to highlight coastal erosion, as part of a global day of action supported by

“The climate crisis isn’t just about one erosion event here, or a hot spell there, or a cyclone and flood over there”, said Climate Action Hobart spokesperson, Phil Harrington. “We have to connect the dots”. “The more energy we put into the climate system, the more energy it throws back at us”, said Mr Harrington.

For decades, scientists have warned that extreme climate events – like storms, floods, droughts and wildfires – are happening more often and with greater intensity. AYCC’s Dan Haley said that, “Carbon pollution from human activities like land clearing, logging, and the burning of fossil fuels have raised greenhouse gases to levels not seen for at least 800,000 years, and yet emissions are still increasing. Reducing emissions fast is the only way to avoid dangerous climate change”.

“Tasmanians recognise that we need to join other places all over the world and dramatically reduce carbon pollution for the sake of our climate and our livelihoods”, said Environment Tasmania’s Jed Watson. “The Government can’t keep their heads in the sand and wait for the tide to rise around them.”

The Tasmanian Government is stalling on: setting interim greenhouse targets; become a 100% renewable energy island ; and national initiatives like introducing six-star houses and phasing out energy-wasting hot water systems.

“Through our ‘Connect the Dots’ action, we are calling on all ministers and members of the Tasmanian Parliament to stop delaying action, and help mitigate climate change by:

• Passing the Climate Change (State Action) Interim Targets Amendment Bill to legislate a 40% reduction target of Tasmania’s emissions by 2020;

• Implementing the Renewable Energy Developments Board recommendations to become a 100% renewable energy island by 2020;

Minister David O’Byrne must immediately implement agreed national climate mitigation measures including mandating six-star energy efficiency for new homes, and the phase out of inefficient, and electric-storage hot water systems.

“These actions will not only help limit the effects of climate change, but will also save Tasmanians money by reducing soaring electricity costs. They should be supported by all political parties” concluded Mr Harrington.

Photo opportunity available on Saturday at 11:00am at Roches Beach, Bambra street, Lauderdale.

This is part of a global day of action by 350.0rg. For more information visit