Media Release 29th May 2011 - Supporting National Call for Investment in Renewables


Local group supporting national call for investment in renewables

Local community group Climate Action Hobart will today hit the streets door-knocking in support of action on climate change, a strong price on pollution and investment in renewable energy.

This weekend thousands of Australians are participating in a door-knock effort to get community support for a strong price on pollution and new investment in renewable technologies.

“It's time for the community to stand up for a clean future for Australia, as negotiations over the price on pollution are happening right now,” Climate Action Hobart spokesperson Hannah Aulby said.

“We want a result that's good for the community, not one that's a win for the big polluters”

“We're calling for the revenue from the carbon price to go straight into building new renewable energy projects, not funding the big businesses that are only going to keep polluting. We'd like to see Andrew Wilkie and all Tasmanian MPs publicly supporting this call.”

Climate Action Hobart are working as part of a national campaign to get good climate outcomes out of the price on pollution negotiations. A National Day of Climate Action will be held on the 5th of June at 11am in Franklin Square, as a show of community support for climate action and a clean future. The rally will also call for Labor MPs and key Independents to support renewable energy.

What: local community group door-knocking for renewable energy and climate action

Where: outside Union's Tasmania, 379 Elizabeth St

When: Sunday 29th May 12pm