24th Nov 2011 - Interim Targets

Climate Group Support Greens Party Call for Ambitious Interim Carbon Pollution targets for Tasmania

Community group Climate Action Hobart today supported the Climate Change (State Action) Interim Targets Amendment Bill tabled by the Tasmanian Greens Party that calls for strengthening Tasmania’s 2050 greenhouse gas reduction target and introducing a 2020 target.

“Tasmania does not currently have a interim target for reducing emissions, but the opportunity exists to fix this by legislating a 2020 target by amending the Climate Change Bill”.

Climate Action Hobart has recently launched a letter writing campaign to encourage the Government to set a legally binding target of 40% reductions in greenhouse gas emissions by 2020.

"A 40% reduction is achievable. Our emissions have already fallen more than 25% so we don't have that much further to go" said Climate Action Hobart spokesperson, Gemma Tillack.

“Since 2002, Tasmania's greenhouse gas emissions have been on the rise.” said Ms Tillack, "but the scientists are telling us that developed country emissions need to fall by 80% - 95% by 2050, and that this is the critical decade in which to get it right." Said Ms Tillack.

Climate Action Hobart supports the move taken by the Tasmanian Greens to follow the advice outlined in the latest credible science. Leadership is needed at this critical time.

“A 40% target in 2020 could be met with emissions reductions of just 1.5% per year. It is time for all political parties to work together to reduce Tasmania’s greenhouse gas emissions, whilst building a strong and resilient community and economy across Tasmania” concluded Ms Tillack.