Media Release: 12th January 2010

Action on Climate Change firmly put on the state election agenda: Climate Action Hobart launches benchmarks for Tasmanian Climate policy

Hobart – Local community group Climate Action Hobart launched an exciting new initiative today called Ten Steps for a Safe Climate - Tasmania's contribution to preventing dangerous climate change.

Ten Steps for a Safe Climate presents ten actions that the newly elected Tasmanian Government can immediately implement to drive Tasmania’s transition to a sustainable low-carbon future.

“Tasmania must do what it can to help avoid dangerous climate change. We have developed these ten steps to assist all Tasmanian politicians and political parties in their responsibility to secure a safe climate for Tasmanian families now, and into the future” said Jess Wright spokesperson for Climate Action Hobart.

This initiative has been supported by climate and sustainability groups from communities around the state. It has been developed with input from community members, industry experts, Tasmanian business owners, and members of the Tasmanian scientific community.

“The Tasmania community is expecting the newly elected Tasmanian Government to adopt and implement these ten steps for a safe climate” said Ms Wright.

“The adoption and implementation of these policy points will increase opportunities for all Tasmania to lead happier and healthier lives and avoid the risks associated with climate change for Tasmanian families” said Phil Harrington, renewable energy expert and spokesperson for Climate Action Hobart.”

Ten Steps for a Safe Climate includes reducing emissions by 60 percent by 2020, producing 100% renewable energy by 2020, protecting existing native forest carbon stores, reducing energy use and investing in sustainable cities and low-carbon commuter transport.

Climate Action Hobart believes that the failure of the Copenhagen climate talks to produce a global climate deal in December makes it even more urgent for State Governments to start taking serious actions to avoid the risks of climate change.

“The time to act is now. Tasmania could be a beacon of hope for the world and lead by example by adopting and implementing these ten positive steps for a safe climate” concluded Ms Wright.

Climate Action Hobart will be commenting on Tasmanian political party’s existing and any new announced climate policies on their website including throughout the state election campaign.

Climate Action Hobart formed in March 2009 as a group of concerned community members to promote community involvement in achieving strong climate policy in Tasmania.