Tasmania's Energy Future - transcripts of talks given at the CAH public meeting held on March 30th in Hobart

Post date: Apr 6, 2011 3:52:05 AM

Attached below are two of the presentations given by our speakers on the challenges and opportunities facing the renewable energy industry in Tasmania, especially with rising electricity prices, increasing electricity imports from mainland Australia, and a climate that demands a shift away from emissions intensive energy sources.

Speakers were engineers Phil Harrington & Todd Houstein, and journalist and climate commentator Peter Boyer.

Phil delved into the complexities of the National Electricity Market and its influence on Tasmania's energy options, while Peter reflected on the importance of energy conservation for Tasmania's energy future.

Todd's topic was on the need to both increase the production of renewable electricity and to simultaneously reduce our electricity use (through both greater efficiency and reduction of demand), if Tasmania's carbon emissions are to be reduced overall. Unfortunately his highly visual, animated presentation was unsuitable to upload due to its large file size.