MEDIA RELEASE – Thursday 18th March 2010

Post date: Mar 18, 2010 4:17:41 AM

Climate group joins campaign to rule out burning forests for power in Tasmania

Climate Action Hobart has joined the campaign to rule out burning native forests to produce power in Tasmania.

Environment Tasmania and the Huon Valley Environment Centre are spearheading efforts to raise a range of major concerns about proposals for burning native forests for power, and the exporting of native forests as fuel-wood in Tasmania. Climate Action Hobart has decided to work with these groups to ensure that this climate disaster is avoided.

“The burning of native forests releases massive amounts of carbon into the atmosphere worsening climate change. It is not a climate solution or a genuine form of renewable energy ” said Gemma Tillack spokesperson from Climate Action Hobart.

“We believe Tasmania can be a 100% renewable energy island but it is critical that we produce our electricity with genuine renewable energy like wind, geothermal, solar and tidal power.”

Last week at a ‘Vote for a Safe Climate’ forum hosted by Climate Action Hobart the Labor party announced their plans to produce more than 100% of electricity in Tasmania from renewable energy. Since then the group have decided to campaign until they achieve a commitment from whichever government is formed to rule out the burning of native forests and native vegetation to produce power under the misleading mantra of renewable energy.

“It is positive that Labor announced a new policy for 100% renewable electricity by 2020, but it was dampened by their inability to give an undertaking that it would not include the burning of native forests to produce power” said Ms Tillack.

The Tasmanian Greens are the only elected party that have committed to making Tasmania a 100% renewable energy island without burning native forests to produce power.

“If the newly elected Tasmanian Government is serious about reducing the impacts of climate change they will commit to ruling out burning native forests for power and protect our forests as permanent natural carbon stores” concluded Ms Tillack.

Contact: Gemma Tillack - 0427 057 643