Fracking threat in Tasmania

Post date: Sep 24, 2013 5:53:57 AM

A 3,868 square kilometre exploration license has recently been granted to a company called PetraGas to look for both conventional and unconventional oil and gas in Tasmania. Their exploration lease for shale oil & gas may not include fracking during the exploration stage, but it'll be a different story once they find what they're after & start drilling for it! This license covers some of Tasmania’s oldest and most productive farmland and property owners have so far not been directly consulted about the company’s agenda. Tasmanian law currently provides no protection for landowners who oppose mining on their land.

Tasmanian communities are banding together to demand a moratorium be placed on fracking to avoid the practice contributing to: invading local properties without consent; climate change; potentially polluting water supplies (incl. Hobart's); undermining agricultural investment and the Tasmanian clean, green brand &shrinking the local economy through loss of jobs. This threat amounts to short term profit for one company at the long term expense of Tasmania.

Attend the next community meeting in Oatlands on Friday 13th September (details below)

Join the local action group at or email

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