Coal Divestment Day in Hobart on Friday 2nd May

Post date: May 7, 2014 2:39:55 AM

Our banks are funding a big problem. Since 2008, the "Big 4" banks - Westpac, Commonwealth, NAB and ANZ - have loaned almost $19 billion to new coal and gas projects in Australia. These projects threaten our land, water, health, the climate and precious ecosystems like the Great Barrier Reef.

In 2014, the fossil fuel industry will be fighting harder than ever to get a raft of new expansion projects off the ground – from Maules Creek mine in NSW’s Leard State Forest to coal and gas ports on the Great Barrier Reef - they’ll be turning to our banks to help them out.

Now’s our opportunity to step up the fight to protect our communities, climate and environment from the fossil fuel industry. This year, will be working harder than ever to show the big banks that fossil fuels are not only bad for the climate, environment and communities – they’re bad for business. If the banks won’t divest from fossil fuels, then we’ll divest from them.

To make an impact, bank customers around Australia will be joining together on 2nd and 3rd May to close their accounts and move to financial institutions that don't invest in fossil fuels.

Sign up today!

The Hobart event is on Friday 2nd May at 12.30 pm, meeting in the Elizabeth St mall, near the NAB branch on the Liverpool St corner. Sign up now and join us.

There is heaps of information at the bottom of the sign-up page on switching banks, bank comparisons and letters for your bank telling them why you are divesting.