100% Renewable Energy Community Survey Comments, Hobart, 2011

Post date: Jun 17, 2011 4:50:03 AM

CAH contributed to the national 100% Renewables Community campaign by having discussions with 245 Tasmanians over the last few weeks. Here are the Hobart Survey Results:

1. Firstly, do you think the government is doing enough to support the development of clean renewable energy – like wind and solar?

Yes= 11, No= 210, Don’t know/other= 24

2. Why do you say that? survey respondents gave their reasoning (not recorded in final results)

3. Over 280,000 jobs have been created in Germany through government support for renewable energy. Do you think the government should be implementing strong policy to support new jobs and investment in renewable energy?

Yes= 223, No= 4, Don’t know/other=18

4. Right now the cost of fossil fuel power is going up while renewable energy is quickly getting cheaper. Do you think we should be introducing more renewable energy to help manage rising energy prices?

Yes= 220, No= 8, Don’t know/other= 17

5. Research now shows that Australia could generate all of its power from renewable energy like wind and solar, 24 hours a day. Do you think Australia should develop a plan to move to 100% renewable energy?

Yes= 216, No= 9, Don’t know/other=20

6. Our economy is quite dependent on energy sources that cause pollution. Should Australia put a price tag on pollution so that businesses that continue to pollute are made responsible and those that don’t pollute have an incentive to use clean energy?

Yes= 212, No= 15, Don’t know/other= 18

7. Polluting companies are trying to scare our governments by saying that renewable energy is too expensive and too hard. Should the government respond to this scare campaign, or stand up to these big companies and invest in clean energy anyway?

Invest= 206, Not invest= 13, Unsure=26

8. Finally, once we’ve completed this community survey we’re going to share results with our local state and Federal members. If you could send them a message about this issue, what would you say?

Survey respondents' comments were recorded and submitted to 100% website and will be presented to our local, state and federal members of parliament at the end of June, 2011. Some are included on our home page

Thanks, that’s the last survey question. As I said, we’re going to take the results of this survey to our members of parliament and we’d like to let you know what they’ve said. Would you like us to do this?

Survey respondents who answered "yes" and provided their email address will be sent the survey results and people could also choose to join the Climate Action Hobart email list.