Eliminate Waste

Eliminate waste and re-use recovered resources.

Step 9) Closing Resource Loops and Eliminating 'Waste'

Action: The Tasmanian Government must articulate a Strategy for waste minimisation, recovery, re-use and recycling, that aims to 'close the loop' in resource use, eventually eliminating all 'waste'. Given that Tasmania both imports and exports products, the Tasmanian Government must also advocate nationally for appropriate national policies such as product stewardship and extended producer liability, and eco-redesign and design-for-recovery (or other 'cradle-to-cradle' resource strategies).

Rationale: This action recognises that there is no such thing as 'waste' - waste is the result of poor product design and/or inadequate facilities for the recovery and reuse of the resources embodied in 'waste' streams. Waste is a major source of greenhouse gas emissions in Tasmania, all of which could be avoided. At the same time, land for landfill sites is becoming increasingly rare, while new waste processing technologies are available that allow for the efficient recovery of resources even at modest scales and at low cost.