A Just Transition

Help workers, businesses, communities shift to a low-carbon future.

Step 7) Just Transitions to a Low Carbon Future

Action: The Tasmanian Government must initiate a sector-by-sector, company-by-company 'just transitions' program to design and implement tailored solutions appropriate to the specific needs of large emitters in the industrial and commercial sectors. The aim of the program is to radically reduce, and eventually eliminate, greenhouse gas emissions through a wide range of strategies including resource efficiency, process optimisation and redesign, and fuel switching, while preserving or enhancing employment.

Rationale: Large companies in Tasmania are major emitters of greenhouse gases, notably those involved in the production and processing of cement, minerals and metals. No two companies have exactly the same production processes or market circumstances, and therefore individualised solutions are required to both radically reduce or eliminate emissions while preserving or growing employment.

A 'just transitions' program would provide financial support contingent upon achievement of specified emissions reductions in the following areas:

a) carbon footprinting, audit, diagnostic and advisory services (to enable businesses to fully understand their opportunities for emission reduction);

b) assistance to secure process redesign and optimisation services;

c) targeted investment assistance (subject to business case);

d) where necessary, support for retraining and workforce skills upgrades.